Are CS courses in Asian countries essentially same as the ones here in America?

2022.01.28 22:32 randomtrip10 Are CS courses in Asian countries essentially same as the ones here in America?

I have the option to study abroad in China/Korea/Japan.
I’d be taking Intro to SWE, OS, Comp Org, and some Algorithm class. Will those courses overseas be the same as the ones here in America? (I.e. I won’t be learning some Asian specific tech, etc)?
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2022.01.28 22:32 dirtygremlin Stella Getz~Dr. Love [Development Corporation Hard Love Dub]

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2022.01.28 22:32 larry_bkk Locations where NFL conference games and Super Bowl will be re-shown at some normal hours for Bangkok?

What I read is the conference games will be played at 3 and 6:30 AM "Indochina time" Monday morning the 31st. Super Bowl similar on 2/7. I never watch sports at pubs and bars, or even at home, but because the 49ers are in the hunt I'm inexplicably interested. I watched Joe Montana and the crew a lot back in his heyday (that dates me!). I live near Nana BTS. Thanks!
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2022.01.28 22:32 SingleAndSuccessful at least 12 more NSFW subs banned for excessive copyright removals.

JerkOffToCelebs, 938k subs. VerticalGifs 586k subs TikTokNude, 758,844 WorldPacks 522,741 OnlyFansInked 109,954 AbigailMac 39,666 OFmegaTitan_baddies 30,221 best_nsfw_milf 29,849 famosasgostosasbr 24,125 OctokuroFans 23,522 PurpleBitch 18,679 FrancescafaragoOF 14,490
Mod support original post
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2022.01.28 22:32 NetEffective9353 NFT GIVE AWAY

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2022.01.28 22:32 Calion Lost all tabs in iPadOS 15

I was trying to force-quit Safari, and instead swiped up on a window with 70 tabs.
I’ve done this before, but in iPadOS 14, there was a “reopen last closed window” option. I cannot find this option in iOS 15. Where is it? Help please!
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2022.01.28 22:32 Own_Media_552 The single weirdest dream I can still remember having.

I was in my mom's car at night with several people (who probably don't exist in real life), with LUCIUS MALFOY'S STRANGLED CORPSE HANGING FROM THE REAR-VIEW MIRROR as I drove around town trying to avoid the cops.
Yes. I woke up highly disturbed.
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2022.01.28 22:32 RIPSkelly Game keeps crashing

My game started to crash more frequently in recent times, sometimes on the global map, sometimes in combat, even when exiting combat. Here is my mod list:
Is there any mod that could cause crashes? Perhaps wrong mod order?
System: RTX 3080, R9 3900x, 32GB RAM. All settings on max
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2022.01.28 22:32 ThePoarter What are some of the best low magic creations here?

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2022.01.28 22:32 Grlei I found this bone in my backyard! It would be amazing to know if it's human (I know nothing about anatomy, but I guess it’s a tibia)

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2022.01.28 22:32 Gigashock 💻 Computershare and the shills that love her 😍📉

This post will be small as it's more of a self-study than a educational piece, going over posts of mine in another subreddit, one inundated with probably-paid bad actors. If you don't want to open 50 tabs, I'll be summarizing my point of each link so stay tuned.
1. The Posts ( - master list of posts)
I've been around the block, mainly lurking, so when I do post it's either very impulsive or something I feel needs to be said/shared. In my time in a certain subreddit, I felt the need to post so I did, except I was effectively silenced. Shills/bots are so powerful on the subreddit that they can decide what posts make it out of New and into Hot, and the mods do nothing or are complicit.
An example of an unpopular post of mine with few to no shills is here ( At the time I was still learning and I couldn't find much conversation on covering through dark pools. 36% upvoted but generally positive comments.
Eventually came my first interaction with shills/bad actors ( 63% upvoted though, despite a mod locking it for no good reason, and lots of turd flung my way (personal attacks and whatnot). Also lots of lies like I was "copying someone else's DD" and that I had the "wrong SPAC," a prevailing trait amongst shills (duplicity).
But that was only a taste of what was to come. A few months later on Sep 22nd, I posted this ( I posted it as one thing and a mod mysteriously switched it to Discussion. 17% upvoted and replies so negative you'd think I offended my audience.
So I did what needed to be done: I did research and wrote another post ( This one was much in-depth than my last, I thought at the time, but at 40% upvoted, 0 votes, and 164 comments, post was marked Inconclusive (because of a screenshot) by a mod and the comments were abysmal. I was told I was missing the point, or that I was flat out wrong, and lots of one-on-one coversations (misinformation and such mixed in everywhere). It was a real shit-show I wasn't prepared for, since I felt I formatted and sourced my research in not-too-shabby a manner. But I digress.
I then posted another thing ( with a more alarming tone to see if there would be a difference in my audience, but nope. Mean mofos, and the post was later removed and 15% upvoted.
I thought, fuck it. Those same guys can't harass me if I make other posts about different things at different times, right? Well: at 13% upvoted, 0 vote, 12 comments at 13% upvoted, 0 vote, 31 comments at 14% upvoted, 0 vote, 10 comments
So made those posts with the intention to comb through and look for similar people and see if there's a difference in types of replies I'd get, but didn't see anything too obvious, outside of similar comments and a generally negative tone. And then I worked on my next post...
On Sept 27th, I wrote my most high-effort post to date ( (archived if anyone wants to read what I said- I attempted to use very little opinion and only state things that could be backed by fact (sourced only). End result, 0 vote, 10% upvoted, 73 comments, and post and its contents removed (timescale unknown). Most surprising was how a longtime, "smart" mod said "counter-arguments need to be air fucking tight," whatever that means, despite all my sources. Plus almost every comment was derogatory, accusatory, and/or negative, so there's that. A skim left me unable to find any comment that references any reference of mine, another trait of paid bad actors it seems (ignoring wordy sources).
2. Like 1. but more simplified In summary, my posts (sample of - not all posts included):
April 24th - 0 vote, 36% upvote, 50 comments, various types of comments
May 27 - 1346 vote, 63% upvoted, 600 comments, various
Sept 22 - 0 vote, 16% upvoted, 51 comments, mostly negative and low-quality comments
Sept 24 - 0 vote, 40% upvoted, 164 comments, mostly a combo of spam and low-quality comments
Sept 27 - 0 vote, 10% upvoted, 73 comments, mostly negative and toxic
3. My opinion The shills/probably-paid bad actors in the subreddit share many traits, along with many accounts (I presume). Some things I noticed the most:

  1. Character assassination is key. Mix in misinformation and lies about the subject or target and direct the info at no one too.
  2. Spam. Pointless comments, unrelated topics, catch-phrases, and conversations between themselves that all seem to end in a similar manner (usually positive confirmation of the propaganda).
  3. They act vile in a group. It's a combo of social proof "of how wrong you are!" along with spamming up the post. Clown emojis, name-calling, and a general nastiness seems to pervade any disagreement a shill could have.
  4. Many pretend to be really stupid and seemingly masochistic, constantly declaring how dumb they are. English-fluent shills tend to say more, as one would expect, while most shills/spammers seem to not have full mastery of the English language. The most I speak of tend to not extrapolate their thoughts or type very coherently, often choosing to parrot past comments or just say complete nonsense.
4. Okay, and..? I don't know. Just wanted it said and public somewhere since I'm silenced for speaking my mind there. Many subreddits are infiltrated to the tits with bots, operatives, and bad actors. I've shared my experience with them and will maybe dig into it deeper in the future.
Comments, concerns, or disagreements, I welcome all.
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2022.01.28 22:32 VanCityHunter Portrait, Isograph pens, me, 2022.

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2022.01.28 22:32 Manilafungus Any one here done the 10% overclock? Is it worth it and is there a notable fps increase in games that struggle?

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2022.01.28 22:32 Thealienfromarea52 What's that one song/movie/video that made you feel like shit- like ukwim- yearn for something you could never have or made you feel nostalgic for something that never happened or never will happen to you...

I've been listening to After Dark by Mr. Kitty on loop for the past 6 months. Yesterday I came across this certain edit of Cal and Derek (From euphoria). The song that was playing in the background was obviously After Dark. As any loyal Euphoria/ Mr. Kitty fan wud do- I frantically clicked on the link. The best decision (might not b thou cause I've been crying for the past few hours which is extremely new to me cause) I've ever made. The video. The song. The lyrics. The beat. The aura. Everything was in sync. I could literally feel my blood run slow just as everything came to a still around me. I might have watched the video about a Hundred times. Maybe even more.
Kind of came to a realization . Currently contemplating my life.
It's sad that I relate with Cal and Derek. Cal was in love with Derek and Derek was in love with Cal. Cal was bisexual. Derek was bisexual. They both knew they loved each other. He came from a conservative family. He was scared of disappointing his father. He was in love with his bestfriend but he couldn't show it out except for that one night.
I'm bisexual. I'm in love with my best friend. She's in love with me. We both know we are in love with each other. We both come from conservative families. We are scared about being a disappointment to our families. I've never held her in my arms and danced around. Never told her how much I love her. Never felt her lips against mine.
But- this is our favorite song.
Watched this edit too. Too fucking pure for this world.
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2022.01.28 22:32 graminivorousduck the way i’m scared to ping a staff member to get verified on discord

i’m like genuinely nervous
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2022.01.28 22:32 Extra-Implement4278 Could pleasuring myself without pornography help stop addiction?

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2022.01.28 22:32 Khabita The jars?

I cannot remember how to get rid of the jars in the bubbles. I thought you exploded or set off bombs and such next to them, but I don’t see that working. Help!
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2022.01.28 22:32 PMme_bobs_n_vagene How this broken water pipe flows

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2022.01.28 22:32 azra1l MTGO crash recovery working now?

so, i've had the usual crash the other day.
even without major stack and trigger shenanigans, every 5-10 games, one game will just crash out of the blue.
i always wait for the whole thing to complete, but the recovery never worked, same for the restart thing. the game would just start another recovery instead.
until like a week ago. after recovery failed again, it actually started a new game for the first time. but the opponents didn't connect, i guess they already scooped right when it crashed, and i suspect that's also the reason why the recovery didn't work.
now wotc just gave over MTGO support to daybreak games, maybe they are finally improving things for the better?
does anyone else ever wait for the recovery to complete?
if not, now might be the time to give it a try.
i mean, it's not ideal and i really hope their next step would be to find a better recovery solution, but it's a step forward in the MTGO bug wasteland we live in!
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2022.01.28 22:32 meandthebois17 These are my cats Stripe and Korg

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2022.01.28 22:32 SimilarPen2045 1ere nft sortit qui veux venir voir?

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2022.01.28 22:32 SarkastikWizard If someone has this shirt can you lay it flat and take a picture so i can get it tattooed

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2022.01.28 22:32 TheeRoronoaZoro Seller had it listed as Very Good....

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2022.01.28 22:32 Bearlong Colorado: you must post salary ranges. Companies:

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2022.01.28 22:32 lakasdatos Paid Voice Recognition Study in Bay Area California

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