So do you think this is an improvement on my thumbnails

2022.01.28 22:15 Cody7even So do you think this is an improvement on my thumbnails

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2022.01.28 22:15 MustPedalFaster Sherb in Boxes. DM w/ NMT or Bells price if interested

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2022.01.28 22:15 Retartedinvesments Wtf is the state of this pos game? -I’ll tell you what it is

I am a returning player from season 6 of fortnite, I think the last season I played was season 8, anyway I was hyped to hear that tilted had returned, I play a few matches and wtf is the loot in matches? Only one type of sniper, two types of ar’s, one type of smg, 2 shotguns only . One ar is completely garbage so much recoil, slow rate of fire for damage, pumps are completely shit, the auto is meta, full of cringe emotes, shitty map, only tilted and greasy are fun spots to play in, this game went completely down hill
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2022.01.28 22:15 th3ramr0d What is an animal that more people should be afraid of?

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2022.01.28 22:15 makeupyourworld Chicken Cutlet Sandwich on a Potato Bun with homemade Special Tartar, Pickles, Lettuce, Tomato, and Hot Sauce. It was amazing. 🥰✨🌿🍅

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2022.01.28 22:15 UncleIye When did you 1st realize you were a alive?

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2022.01.28 22:15 Ahmed_Omar12 Fight of Animals: Arena (Switch) is 20% off on US eShop: $15.99 lowest price ever

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2022.01.28 22:15 Denvermenver Armored jacket Vs. armored vest

I've been on and off bikes 2 of the last 5 years and am looking to start up again, but wanna make sure I do it right...
I looking for CE-2 protection for chest and back, but wearing an armored vest alone seems sketchy to say the least. Are there any full arm and shoulder protection jackets that fit the aesthetic of chic techwear.
My biggest hurdle is the look at the moment, as I'm trying to avoid the rugged biker look.
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2022.01.28 22:15 TomF1965 Do we get paid time and distance to drive to our pickup too or only from the pick up to the destination? Sometimes I get offers to pick up several miles and 10/15 minutes away. Thanks.

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2022.01.28 22:15 erer1243 Currently, it's January 28, 2022 at 08:15PM

Currently, it's January 28, 2022 at 08:15PM
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2022.01.28 22:14 sensei_mike Ontario in the medium to long term

Want to get your opinion on this: given it seems like the general consensus among decision makers in the province is if there is a spike if covid cases, the only remedy is lockdowns, and knowing covid is pretty much an endemic at this point, what do you guys think ontario will look like in the next 6 months to a year?
Particularly, as the rest of the western world will have already set up the infrastructure and cultural mindset that covid is here to stay and its time to learn to live with it, at what point if ever, do you think Ontario will shift its position on covid management?
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2022.01.28 22:14 I_am_catcus What do you guys think of my new mask? [Over 18]

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2022.01.28 22:14 Muscle_Advanced Why would this destabilize France?

Why would this destabilize France? They don't have a truce with Hainaut. What am I missing? The issue here is that England allied Castile, who also has the Aragon and Naples PUs. If France and I have to fight them both Austria is going to attack over Barrois and that's instant death. I really need to fight England alone in order to force break their alliance with Castile and this is the only way to do it. I'd really prefer to use France to bleed them out on the continent, but I don't know why I can't call them in. Is it just HRE?
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2022.01.28 22:14 shyinwonderland I’m on season 4 & I feel like everyone is RJ

Like after last season I feel like I can’t trust anyone!
My husband and I started at the new year, so we are half way through season 4. And since season 3 I feel like anyone who isn’t the core 5, I can’t trust. Is Rigsby about to bring Red John Jr into this world? Is their new boss working for Red John? Is the prostitute that Cho is with working for RJ, trying to get him hook on pills (I’m very worried about him)? Can I trust anyone beside the team? Can I even trust them??
It’s so frustrating, all the while I feel like we haven’t fleshed out the team enough, especially Van Pelt. They mentioned abuse in Van Pelt’s past, why has that not come up with her ex fiancé?
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2022.01.28 22:14 GoldAd102 What should I do? my bf (21M) told me(22F) that he talked with a random girl online wanting to do “sexual stuff” with her but stopped midway, it isn’t his first time but he regrets it.

He is a practicing Christian and is saving himself for marriage, but he often feels tempted, he’s been struggling with that for quite a while but stopped ever since we started talking except for those two times, idk if I should let it go this time too?
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2022.01.28 22:14 juaninazio Anyone else see the roaring kitty in RC’s tweet?

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2022.01.28 22:14 chowgirl Week 4: On a Stick - Pork Souvlaki (meta: my cookbooks and clippings)

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2022.01.28 22:14 _Auster_ [Nutaku] (Game) The Last Weekend

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2022.01.28 22:14 Lenkalenkalenkalenka Is it ok to ask the the director to be reassigned from the case?

I am working as an RBT in a completely new settings for me that I do not feel comfortable in, and I do not feel that I am skilled and knowledgeable enough for that settings. I constantly feel that I don’t know what to do and end up doing nothing. I was trying to communicate that to my supervisor on that case, I did not receive much support/feedback/clear directions from her. It’s been like that for a month now and I feel very burned out. Is it ok to tell the director that I don’t feel that I am a good fit for the position, or it would be considered like I am running away from the difficulties/not a good “player”/not professional/too demanding/etc.
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2022.01.28 22:14 unblvlblkult This had me laughing so hard 😂

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2022.01.28 22:14 XxUrlocalpinkcowxX Trading mega kit for neon turtle

or two neon turtle i can add a bit more
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2022.01.28 22:14 Cassial Please share - what are your favorite "going someplace you shouldn't be yet" moments in JRPGs?

Not just going someplace you shouldn't be yet, but this also counts for finding an area where you can fight enemies way over your current levels.
Despite being a bad game by a lot of today's standards, I would nominate FFII for being extremely memorable and giving me one of my favorite experiences with this in a JRPG. There were a lot of overworld areas you could wander into and suddenly get crushed by the monsters. I for one absolutely miss this experience in the more modern FFs and RPGs, the experience of wandering around and going "oh shit, I'm really in someplace I shouldn't be yet."
It's also worth noting that typically this mostly happens in overworld free exploration games, but I'd really like to hear more of these, and more importantly why if you actually can fight stuff way over your level range? Sometimes it's absolutely worth it in terms of XP or items you otherwise couldn't get yet.
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2022.01.28 22:14 xxFT13xx Did you know that C/A/T is on Twitch?

What’s up everyone!
I don’t normally come to this subreddit, so I’m not sure if me promoting this is allowed, so if it isn’t, I apologize.
Anyway: for those that know who C/A/T is, well he is back DJing on Twitch!!
He can be found at
He also has a lot of cool shit going on this year! Just kicking ass and taking names!!
Come by sometime and listen to awesome tunes and awesome folks in the chat, which I moderate!
Pass it on!! 😉
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2022.01.28 22:14 Eveofthenight666 Mega Aerodactyle on me add 3316 3098 7440

Be online
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2022.01.28 22:14 sleepd3prived [8] wow I wish I wasn't rank 3.

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